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Protection and insurance – could your family manage if the worst was to happen?

None of us like to think about becoming ill or something awful happening to us or our loved ones, but if they do, it’s important to know you’ll all be ok financially.

Losing an income through redundancy, becoming ill (even short-term) or because of an accident can have a huge impact on your household finances. It could mean not being able to pay your bills and having to sell your home.

It’s also important to consider what would happen to your family if you were to lose your life. This is a stressful enough event for people to deal with without having to think about money. Having the right life cover means they won’t have to face financial hardship on top of everything else. Funerals can be expensive too, so paying for this in advance can make sure it’s taken care of now.

Facing the future

Getting the right insurance policies in place now means you won’t need to worry about the future. They won’t stop you getting ill or losing your job, but they will give you peace of mind that the finances are sorted if the worst happens.

You might be entitled to state benefits but they’re unlikely to maintain your lifestyle and they can take a while to kick-in, so having your own cover on top of this is always a worthwhile investment.

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