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Critical illness

A guide to critical illness cover

Critical illness is a policy that covers you against certain illnesses or if you have a medical condition resulting from an accident.  The illnesses you’re covered against will usually be specified by the insurer, but heart attacks, strokes and cancers are likely to be included. Any pre-existing conditions are usually excluded as you’d expect.

A tax-free lump-sum will be paid out once any of the conditions included have been confirmed by a medical professional.

You can usually buy critical illness cover as an add-on to life insurance or as separate stand-alone policy. You can choose how long you’d like to be covered for… most policies will run for a fixed number of years, so you could link it to your mortgage term,  for example.

How much will it cost?

Like life insurance, the price you pay depends on your individual circumstances. Your age, health and lifestyle will all be taken in to account when you apply, along with the term of your policy and the level of cover you want.

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