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What’s your investment personality?

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What’s your investment personality?

When it comes to investing your dosh, it’s not just how much you know about things, it’s also about how you think about things. In other words, it’s about your personality and attitude. So, what exactly is your investment personality and how do you go about finding out?

Put some away or splash out?

One basic way you can figure out your investment personality is to ask yourself if you’re more of a spender or a saver. Spenders tend to take more risk than savers, so are more likely to have the same approach with investing. However, you could have a foot in both camps, and also want to share your money with family and friends and give some to charity.

Of course, your age and financial circumstances can play a part here, and you might switch between groups at different times in your life, but it’s really about your attitude towards money. If you scrupulously keep track of the pennies and always know how much is going out and coming in, you’re definitely more of a saver than a spender. 

Decisions, decisions, decisions

Next, think about how you make choices about money. Is listening to experts your thing, or do you prefer to do the research yourself? Maybe you like to get your partner or spouse involved, or only trust your own judgement.

Also think about how open you are to new ideas. Would you be happy investing in something you’ve never heard of or that’s just been launched, for example, or is sticking to what you know more comfortable?

Go for goal

Why you’re investing can influence you too. Most investments can be classed as short, medium, or long-term, with the biggest returns usually being found with the longer-term options. Setting out financial goals is a good way to decide which of these options would suit you best, and your own investment personality will also come into play.

Do it your way

Everyone’s attitude towards investing is unique and there’s no right or wrong personality to have. It’s all about helping you achieve what you want to and get to where you want to be. Knowing your investment personality will help you make the right decision.

Whatever type of investment personality you are, you should always be aware that investments can go up as well as down. You should think about taking professional advice too. One of the benefits of this is that most financial advisors can run through a questionnaire with you to find out what your attitude to investing and your personality actually is.

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