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See your financial future with cashflow modelling

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No-one can see what’s going to happen, but there is a way you can predict how your financial future might turn out. And it doesn’t involve a crystal ball or tea leaves in a cup.

Cashflow modelling is where we project how your assets, investments, pensions, income, and expenditure could look over the next few years, and use those projections to help you plan more efficiently.

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Once you’ve given us your financial details, we’ll run them through our cashflow modelling software to show you the potential outcomes for your future. This will include things like assumed growth rates, your income, monthly contributions to savings and investments and any possible increases, inflation, and interest rate changes.

It’s important you give us accurate figures, so you get the most reliable output. If there’s missing or inaccurate information, it can skew results, which will make it much more difficult to give you a proper projection.

 What ifs and must dos

You’ll probably have financial objectives and things you want to do with your money. Cashflow modelling can help as you’ll be able to see what you need to think about to achieve them.

Answering any what ifs and must dos that come up can show you if your plans are on track, if you have enough money in retirement, and whether you should you switch investments, for example.

Before and after

Another benefit to cashflow modelling is that you can get a real sense of before and after. By that, we mean how your financial future could shape up if you do nothing and carry on as you are doing, or what the improvements could be if you make a few changes. Sometimes, tiny tweaks can make a big difference.

Make the complex simple

Having lots of numbers and figures to study can be complicated, so having them shown in a straightforward graph or presentation can help make everything much easier to understand. And if you want to look at something specific, cashflow modelling can give you a more detailed report to get stuck into.

Ongoing process

Cashflow modelling shouldn’t be a one-time thing. It should be something you revisit regularly, especially if your circumstances change. It can help you manage your tax planning, look at your pension income if you’re retiring soon, and check that your investments and savings are growing as they should be. 

It’s also a good idea to redo your cashflow model if your income changes dramatically, or you’re thinking about downsizing or doing some inheritance planning. As we said earlier, cashflow modelling is only as accurate as the data that’s been inputted, so keep things up to date to get the best possible results.

Want to see your financial future?

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