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Improving your pension confidence

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It can be challenging to feel confident in our pension provision these days. Increased life expectancy and high living costs mean we need to save ever more into the pot for a comfortable retirement.

Do yourself a favour

Just 41% of non-retired UK adults are confident they’ll have saved enough by the time they retire, according to a study from financial services provider LV= , increasing to two-thirds (66%) of women. A lack of confidence in our finances can cause a great deal of worry and stress, adversely impacting our mental health. Positively, though, 65% of those who had consulted a financial adviser said they felt confident about their pension provision.

Making it a priority

Advice was also shown to increase the priority people gave to their pension, with 55% of advised adults increasing their contributions and 56% discussing their retirement plans with their partner. They were also more likely to have researched what they would need to live on during retirement.

The value of advice

We can help you engage positively with your pension, increasing your confidence and setting you on track to reach your retirement goals.

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