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Later life retirement years

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You’re now less mobile than previously and your health might not be as good as it was, but you’re still able to live in your own home. Financially, you’re doing well but want to make sure your family is okay when you’re no longer here.

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Estate Planning

You want the wealth you’ve built up in your lifetime to be passed on to your family without them having to pay more tax than they need to. Here are some options.

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Equity Release & Mortgage advice

Searching for equity release advice?

You’ve built equity up in your home, so why not  enjoy some of it without selling up?

It is not for everyone but if you find yourself capital rich and income poor it can prove to be a very viable option but take advice and explore all options.

Equity release will reduce the value of your estate and can affect your eligibility for means tested benefits.

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Looking after the elderly can be very expensive, especially in care homes and residential homes. And current legislation means you have to pay if you’ve got the means. Unfortunately, funerals can be costly too, so you want to make sure you leave enough to pay for yours.

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