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Group PMI

Sometimes also called business health insurance, this product is a way of giving your employees access to private medical care without having to pay for it themselves. 

Employees today are living and working longer and consequently think a bit differently about their health and wellbeing than years ago. Mental wellbeing is just as important as physical wellbeing, and people like being able to mix and match benefits to suit their lifestyle and circumstances.

What type of things will group medical insurance cover my employees for?

Most policies will cover people in a similar way to private medical insurance. That means they’ll usually benefit from:

  • Access to private hospitals
  • Cancer cover as standard
  • Out-patient care and treatment
  • Telephone health helplines
  • Musculoskeletal conditions cover
  • Mental health care

Not all of these are available from every provider, but it’s likely they’ll offer a good mix of them, as well as others. Sometimes, additional incentives, like reduced gym membership, are part of the package and employees can cover their spouse and dependent children too. Dental cover and physio care are also often included.

There’ll usually be an excess to be paid by the employee for some treatment, either on a per-person basis or for the actual treatment itself. Other services will be free as part of the cover. This could be something like a yearly basic health-check, for example.

Complementary and alternative health care is becoming more popular too, and can be added to group medical insurance policies.

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